About Hawkeye

Hawkeye was established in 1996 to cater for the growing necessity for aerial and high level images across the South East UK.  The market has changed over the years, newer technology, fewer aircraft available, competitors have been and gone, mapping & satellite is now data freely available, but there is still that specific requirement for up-to-date, cost effective and targeted aerial and Hi-Level imagery, across all sectors of the commercial,  industrial and residential markets.


​​With fewer aircraft licensed AOC (Air Operators Certificate) aircraft available across the UK (no thanks to the CAA), we still try to offer a cost effective service but tailored service to all our clients.  With our associates elsewhere around the country who now their local areas and peculiarities of both their local weather and air law, we can now offer that same level of service across the rest of the UK.

With the availability of faster broadband, large FTP uploads can help with speedier transfer of images, often the same day.


We have upgraded our mast systems over the years, and now operate 4-15m portable masts and a 24m 4WD based mast, and a rnage of our own digital and film cameras, as well as our associates, to offer Thermal Imaging and 3D laser Scanning at Height !.

​Hawkeye specialises in providing both true aerial views from aircraft together with Level Mast imagery for Commercial / Industrial / Environmental sectors of industry, specialising in more technical or practical use applications for this this type of work, rather than residential /domestic uses.


These may range from building /roof dilapidation surveys, plant & equipt, personnel displays, archaeological sites, Distant or Runway LoS (Line of Sight), CGI backdrops, to power station  construction targets, Landfill & Remediation  & Regeneration evidence, legal boundary disputes, etc.


Established in 1996, Hawkeye has been providing 'Visual Solutions - New Perspectives' to a wide range of public and private clients (and occasionally within MoD establishments).


Utilising our 4WD mounted 24m Mast (and portable masts) we elevated a range of Digital & Film Photographic, Video & CCTV cameras into the air ( and with our associates - the addition of High level Thermal Imaging & 3D Laser Scanning) to record imagery from a high vantage point quickly and easily - those views / targets that are not achieved or imagined from just at ground level.